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As a Colorado real estate investor, experienced Mortgage Loan Originator and veteran sales professional, Vivian DePaola brings a passion and unique knowledge base to her work as a realtor. "I want my clients to rest easy knowing that Perry & Co. and I have been in Colorado for 43 and 44 years respectively... we know this market."  Growing up in Boulder and attending the University of Colorado, Vivian then relocated to South Denver and continued to study Finance and Accounting at the University of Denver.  She began her sales career while still in middle school, joining her mother and sisters at their family-owned high-end fashion store, Nora's, which is now located in Cherry Creek North.  In partnership with her husband Jeff (successful property manager in Summit County), Vivian began investing in real estate in 1992.  Because of her ongoing investments, she continues to work closely with contractors, interior decorators, loan originators, inspectors, and others who assist in the buying and selling of property.


Vivian is excited to connect her clients with the very best in the business in order to facilitate smooth transactions and create happy homeowners in her beloved Colorado.  When not practicing real estate, Vivian enjoys time with her family snow skiing, water skiing, hiking Colorado's 14ers and visiting her only daughter at the University of Missouri.  She would be delighted to hear from you when you're ready to buy or sell in Colorado.

6 Testimonials

"Vivian made my first home purchase such a memorable and special experience. Never in my life have I had such service that was so professional, courteous, and prompt (and I work in a professional services industry). I was a first time homebuyer, and Vivian was so patient and kind with explaining questions that I had. I had seen the property with Vivian on a Friday, and was so sure that I wanted it, that she stayed up until 2 am drafting documents Friday and Saturday, and the seller accepted my offer that Monday ( I was 1 offer of 5).  There is no doubt in my mind that Vivian's suggestions helped me win that property. Vivian went to bat for me multiple times, and helped coordinate the entire process that she really made a complicated process, seamless and most of all exciting. I would like to note a couple final things about my experience with Vivian. Vivian comes from a lending background and even though I coordinated with a Lender she was always so knowledgeable, and the first to help me answer questions or offer valuable insight. My final comment is in regards to how organized and aware Vivian was around VERY important dates. I learned quickly that there are VERY important dates in buying/selling a home and Vivian was always ultra-aware and would let me know well in advance of these dates and explain the significance every step of the way so the ball was never dropped. I am not one to really write reviews, but I believe a level of service that is truly above and beyond is worth sharing."

Michael Mann, submitted 8/15/19

"Vivian is the best agent I've every worked with! She is extremely knowledgeable on the Colorado market, and her professionalism is second to none. She handled all aspects of the buying process from contract to underwriting with ease, and we are so happy she was on our side. I would highly recommend her."

James LeMieux, submitted 7/2/18

"Working with Vivian was a treat.  Our house sold in less than a week after we had gotten it ready for the market with her help.  She assisted in hiring contractors to do the necessary work (after having had the house rented for many years) and then oversaw the actually work (carpet, paint, repairs, etc) until it was ready for market... which took less than 2 weeks (and would've been sooner if not for a couple of snow storms).

"The house sold for 5% MORE than our asking price.  The closing was smooth and all is well.

"I would highly recommend Vivian for anyone looking for a conscientious, knowledgable realtor."

David & Tina LeMieux, submitted 6/6/16


"Vivian DePaola was fantastic through out the entire process of selling my condo.  She went above and beyond what is normally expected from an agent."

Janis Bowles, submitted 9/8/15

“After two years of finalizing a rather involved divorce proceeding, I found that I have become a veteran of the Colorado Court system. In addition, I am the CFO of a private equity venture establishing itself in the international money transfer business in Littleton, Colorado. The personal energy and resources consumed in such a dual venture is palatable. That is who I am.


“What I am writing today, concerns who Vivian Depaola is. As a result of the relocation of the Private Equity (PE) money transfer company, I was making a considerable commute from my downtown condo on Cheesman Park to the newly established headquarters of the PE group in Littleton. Between the demands of the job, the commute, and the civil proceedings that I was closing, I could do little but get up each morning, stay on the treadmill, and fall exhausted to sleep each evening.


“In a passing social moment, I mentioned my daily routine to Vivian. Venting that I was ready for a change, but had no time to change, I described to Vivian what I believed to be a hopeless cycle of civil and domestic challenges. I wanted out of the density of downtown, I wanted peace, quiet, and beauty …but found it all outside of my reach. I could not envision having the time to get my condo “show ready” nor having the time to find the right home, which I only knew from a soul source and not from anything which a professional could use directionally, logistically, or otherwise.


“What happened after meeting with Vivian was in a word, synchronicity. Vivian aligned professional resources that came in and took the burden of getting the condo ‘show ready’ off my shoulders. I came home one day to a condo arranged and staged fit for an episode on Colorado Living.


“Next, Vivian checked in with me on my schedule and how I might take a lunch here, an evening dinner there, a full morning next week, and full day two weeks from Saturday. This fragmented approach to my schedule worked, and I was able to view 75 homes in the course of just a few weeks. While it may sound daunting to have that many interruptions to your schedule, Vivian made those disruptions seamless and fun. She had previewed all of the houses, refined her previews as she got to know my tastes, and always had lunch and coffee packed in her car so that physical demands of the process were never an issue.


“We laughed and dreamed every day. It was an oasis from the demands of my personal and professional life. In sum, Vivian found a cash buyer for my downtown condo, and managed the expectations of that buyer with little input from me. Further, she found the hermitage of beauty and peace that I had so longed for, for sale, but in a hot market which needed attention to the decision process. With extreme patience, diligence, integrity, long hours, tenacity, and a profound sense of ‘customer service’, Vivian Depaola negotiated the cash sale of my condo downtown and the purchase of my current home with grace and passion such that I did not have to store my personal belonging for longer than one week. One day I looked up, and all my desire for change had occurred.


“My downtown condo was sold for top dollar, ‘AS IS’ with only reasonable inspection requests deferred to. I now live in the historic, charming addition of Orofino Court/ Place in beautiful Castle Pines, Colorado. Thank you, Vivian Depaola. You have changed my life.”

Ruth Ann Kraemer, submitted 8/30/15


"From our first conversation to the closing I felt a sense of trust and respect for Vivian's abilities as my real estate agent. Vivian is warm, personable, and knowledgeable.   I felt she really listened to what my family and I were looking for in a home.  I think she honed in on what I needed in a home without me even saying it.

"I felt comfortable on our showings and even had fun.  Vivian has a nice sense of humor that puts the client at ease.  She answered all of my questions and made me feel we were a "team" rather than her delivering a service to me.  She was always available.

"When we found the home Vivian made everything go smoothly.  She continued to be available for questions and was great at communicating when it was needed.  She moved quickly through the electronic paperwork process.  There were no surprises at closing because everything had been so well organized.

"With my case Vivian had to do a lot of communicating with the owner/broker.  First she had to negotiate the owner/broker selling the home to me in the first place!  We had been informed the home was sold.  She was assertive and called the owner and as they say, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease!"  Vivian was able to get the owner to sell the home to me.  After that there were several more situations in which Vivian had to communicate and negotiate with them- and use her talents to do so.  For example, the appraisal came in at 6K less than the asking price.  Vivian managed to negotiate a deal with the broker that got me the home at the appraised price.  She also had to work out several complexities during the process, such as the possession of the home being a week after the closing.  I had such faith in her negotiating talents.

"In this current market, I felt discouraged and sure it would take much longer to find the right home.  Vivian assured me we would find something and the process and outcome was way beyond my expectations.  Her gifts as a an agent truly made the difference.  Thank you!!"

Jill Vick, submitted 5/30/15


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