Tracy Wohlgenant

Tracy Wohlgenant se especializa en trabajar con gente de diversas culturas. Es apasionada por crear puentes entre todos. Además, Tracy habla español y da todo de sí por apoyar a sus clientes. Según ella, “es un privilegio, de hecho un regalo, trabajar con personas del todo el mundo.”

Tracy Wohlgenant is a rare unicorn; a Colorado native.  She grew up in central Denver, riding her yellow Stingray through every neighborhood, park, and playground within a ten-mile radius of her parents’ old Crestmoor home.


Tracy left Colorado to see the world (“Go east, young woman!”) attended Oberlin College in Ohio, then lived in Barcelona, Spain, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago and finally landed in Los Angeles, where she went to graduate school at The American Film Institute. Four screenplays, three short films and ten years later, Tracy returned to Denver – like a homing pigeon – and found a livelihood in television, producing, writing and directing for HGTV (Home & Garden TV).


For the past sixteen years, Tracy has ushered homeowners, house-hunters, investors, interior designers, real estate agents and architects through the daunting ins-and-outs of documentary television production, all the while quietly absorbing every aspect of home-buying, home-selling, renovation, interior design and investing.


She got the real estate fever and she got it bad.


Today, Tracy is a licensed Realtor®, with an unsurpassed passion for taking people through a real estate journey, while shielding them from unnecessary behind-the-scenes drama and wayward arrows. With humor, intelligence, and integrity, Tracy Wohlgenant is a great choice for any of your real estate needs. Having a background in the fast-paced world of production, Tracy knows how to quickly detangle problems and find solutions, and does so with grace, confidence and the highest level of customer service.


Tracy would sincerely consider it the greatest privilege to accompany and guide you through your adventure in real estate (no film crew this time).  


5 Testimonials

"Tracy was so responsive. She made us feel like we were her top priority. She kept us in the loop about everything and answered all of our questions satisfactorily. We would definitely love to have her be our realtor in the future."

Erin Woodard, submitted 4/10/19

"Just wanted to drop a quick note about my time with Tracy Wohlgenant on Sunday. It was outstanding! My sister and I went into the weekend not knowing much at all about Denver, and left feeling extremely optimistic about making it our new home. Tracy’s intuition was spot-on about the neighborhoods that would both fit our price range and match our personalities. She left an impression in just a few short hours and we are excited to work with her in the future!"

Sandra Clark, submitted 2/20/19

"There aren’t many Realtors out there as creative as Tracy Wohlgenant. In fact, there aren’t many people in general as creative as Tracy. Tracy uses that creativity to the benefit of her real estate clients day in and day out - from writing inspired property descriptions for her sellers to finding that one-of-a-kind home for her buyers. You’ll also find that working with Tracy is fun, as that same creativity comes out in her humor and her enthusiasm for helping her real estate clients realize their distinctive home ownership dreams. Everyone at Perry & Co. appreciates having Tracy’s creativity rub off on us as we go about our day and I’m sure you will too."

 Jon Larrance, submitted 8/27/18

"Tracy is the best realestate agent ive ever had opportunity to work with. I have agent for life!"

Brad Stuber, submitted 11/6/17

"I highly recommend Tracy Wohlengenant and Perry & Co.  She showed us over 50 properties over the last few weeks, and 99% of them were relevant to what we were looking for.  We landed one of the best neighborhoods in Denver that hit all the marks for what we were looking for.  She was patient, advised us on all of the properties pros and cons.  She steered us away from properties that we were interested in on the surface, but that had potential pitfalls, history.  She was always available even with short notice."

Brad Stuber, submitted 9/21/17

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