Niels Oomkes

I began my real estate career in Columbus, Ohio in 2005 with experience as an Urban Planner, Landscape Architect, and years of sales and marketing as a Real Estate Developer. Building relationships and taking a strong business approach to the Real Estate Industry have provided great rewards. Having earned a MBA with an entrepreneurial focus has given me the perfect skill set to work in the diverse and exciting world of residential real estate.

Quality, personal connection, attention to detail, professionalism, and providing top notch luxury service is something that sets Perry & Co. apart and are standards I strongly adhere to.

I’m a passionate and competitive endurance athlete tackling marathons, cycling events, ultra trail adventures, and Ironman triathlons. Any free weekend that presents itself, you will find me exploring and discovering the grand beauty of this state through camping, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and conquering the occasional 14-er.

As a father of two beautiful little girls, I understand the importance of providing a place to call home, making memories, and becoming an integral part of a community. I’d love to provide sound guidance and aggressive negotiating tactics so you can enjoy all the financial benefits of owning your next home.

13 Testimonials

"I met Niels while looking to rent an apartment while I looked for a place to buy. I ended up renting an apartment at the same building that I ended up buying in. As a result I decided he would be a good person to help me with my search for a new home. It was a good decision because Niels did an excellent job helping me find a place that suited my needs. It was apparent to me through out the entire process that Niels put my interests first and getting me the best deal was a priority as appose to making a quick sale. I enjoyed working with Niels and found him to be hard working and meticulous in researching each property I considered. I would recommend him to anyone needing a Real Estate Agent as someone you can trust to be your advocate while guiding you through the process."

Bill Langlais, submitted 8/1/19

"Niels is extremely knowledgeable of the local market and was always available when we needed him. He was very organized and able to help us buy or new home and sell our old home within thirty days. This is my fourth home buying experience and I have never had one go so smooth."

Jason Lucas, submitted 7/18/19

"Niels is very knowledgeable and timely in his responses. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received"

Andrea Ludwig, submitted 7/18/19

"We just had the best experience working with Niels Oomkes (agent) and Perry & Co.  They went above an beyond in their level of communication to both the transferee and to NEI for a homefinding referral.  I have not used them as a listing agent however, I would not hesitate to. Please keep Perry & Co in mind as you are moving your transferees in and out of Denver!"

 Jessica Creamer, submitted 4/25/19

"Niels Oomkes was a pleasure to work with. He was very personable and was always available. He explained all aspects of home buying. He established great rapport with seller’s agent which led to a very smooth process. He is knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics which added to my positive experience, e.g. trade companies, architecture, landscaping, finance, etc. he even gave me an architectural rendering of my new home! I highly recommend Niels to anyone looking to buy or sell."

Barbara Mocnik, submitted 3/6/18

"Niels made the process of selling and buying a home easy for us. He did all the research for us, was patient throughout the whole process and keep our best interest at heart. We loved how he kept us updated and followed up with us throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Niels to anyone thinking of selling their home and/or any future home buyers."

Nancy Chaca, submitted, 1/20/18


"It was a late Sunday afternoon, possibly evening at that point, that we first met Niels. There was no exclusivity contract in place at the time, and we were just mulling the idea of selling our home. We wanted to be closer to the Denver metro area. Our curiosity droves us to see a house, which we loved but could not offer anything at the time. Despite this knowledge, Niels agreed to meet us at the location not knowing if it was true business opportunity or not. That was the first sign to us that he was going to be a great realtor. Before selling our home, he offered a great idea of doing an inspection before putting the house on the market. I always thought the house sells itself, but what I failed to realize is presentation is key. The inspection gave us a strategic advantage to fix critical issues. This made for a quick sale and removal of any surprises. Niels is an agent that works the market and not the other way around. At first sight you see a tall and skinny man, but don’t let the appearance fool you. He is quietly aggressive, sharp, and will not give up until he gets the best deal done. You know you have a great agent when the difference between a sale offer and appraisal value is 10K and somehow end up closing the gap to 1k. Like I said, he works the market not the other way around."

Uriel Salcedo, submitted 1/2/18

"I could not be happier with Niels' service as our realtor. He did an excellent job listening to our wants and needs. As this was our first home purchase, we leaned heavily on Niels for his expertise as a realtor and as a home owner. He pointed out issues that we would not have thought of."

Candis Ferguson, submitted on Zillow 9/20/17

“You’ve probably already met Niels Oomkes so you know that Niels has plenty of energy to spare. Let me tell you that Niels applies the same joie de vivre to every one of his real estate transactions as he does to his running, hiking, or triathlon endeavors. Meaning each of his home buying, or home selling, clients benefit from his attention to detail and responsiveness. To say Niels is focused on his client’s needs would be an understatement because he knows that the process of buying or selling a home can often be very stressful but he has a real talent for alleviating his client’s worries from start to finish. Let Niels lead you through your next real estate transaction - you won’t be disappointed.”

Jon Larrance, submitted 9/22/17


"Niels was wonderful to work with. He was informative and understood what we were looking for. He was very responsive and made the experience painless. He had great resources to help us through the process (i.e. lender, handyman, roofer, etc). I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor and would work with him again in the future!"

Lisa Nguyen, submitted 8/21/17

"Niels was a pleasure to work with. Will definitely work with again if opportunity arises."

Dave Shaut, submitted 6/27/17

"Niels has been professional and overall wonderful from start to finish. The home buying experience was the best it could be with Niels, I've done this a few times in my life and I really felt Niels had my back always. I will work with him again when I decide to sell my home and I will recommend him to colleagues and friends."

Dominique Schiffer, submitted 6/30/17

"I am happy to provide a testimony regarding my experience with Niels.  I am now convinced that I was very fortunate to have Niels as my realtor.  He has such a pleasant personality, which I picked up on the first day we met.  I have never worked with any realtor prior to Niels, so I really had no point of reference.  But after working with Niels since the fall of 2016, I learned so much, and realize that he is a first class gentleman, and very professional in his line of work.  Niels was so patient with me, even when I was wishy washy, he consistently maintained his pleasant demeanor.


"Niels has so much energy, but he is not antsy...his energy is subtle, and efficient.  He was so accommodating showing me properties, and given that fact that he has a wonderful family to be there for, other clients, and an active lifestyle, it was so incredible how he always, and I mean always, found time to help me in my search.  And...we stayed connected.  I really enjoyed meeting his two girls; as busy as he is, he always found time for them, a quality I really admire, and puts him at the top of the charts in my book.


"I cannot say enough about Niels, so I am glad you asked me for a testimony.  I was not totally cognizant of how wonderful my experience was until you invited me to share my thoughts.


"This is my first home, and I do hope to upgrade in the not too distant future.  You can be sure I will be calling on Perry & Co. (Niels in particular), when I am ready to pursue my next home.  I will also recommend Niels should I become aware of someone looking to purchase property."

Ken White, submitted 4/12/17


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