Gina Cornelison

What sets Gina apart from your average real estate agent?A tremendous drive to be the BEST in the industry achieved through hard work, highest standards of customer service, an extensive referral network, and a passion for making sure every client has a great home-buying or selling experience.

Gina has been recognized by the Denver Board of Realtors’ “Roundtable of Excellence”, and is a top producer with Perry & Co. Her understanding of Denver’s current market trends and statistics, the latest technology, and an in-depth and personal knowledge of Denver’s unique neighborhoods has assisted her in hundreds of successful transactions. Gina stays current on all of Denver’s new developments, city infill projects and cutting edge information. “It’s always my goal to educate clients rather than just sell them a product.”

Before becoming a Realtor in 2003, Gina worked as a Marketing Director for a local high-end jewelry store, as well as starting up and running the first Vespa Dealership in Denver. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to pursue a career in Real Estate, where her marketing and sales background fit perfectly into her plan to be a Top Producing Realtor in the Denver Market. Gina’s clientele is almost 80% referral-based, proving that her responsibility with clients doesn’t end after the transaction is complete, but is an ongoing relationship that fosters trust and friendships that make people feel confident in referring Gina to their friends and family year after year.

Gina balances her career with yoga, Pilates, time spent with her family and two dogs in the mountains, and a love of gardening.

18 Testimonials

"Gina Cornelison is one of the best agents I've worked with and in 50 years I've bought or sold at least 20 homes. I bought and sold a home in the Denver area with her this year. One of her best traits is that she listens to you, learns quickly, and only shows you properties that meet you needs. She also knows the market very well and thus helps you tailor your purchase offer so you spend the least. Conversely, she guides you to accept the right offer when you sell a property. Lastly, she tracks the transaction from day one and keeps you informed constantly of what is happening. Had the choice I wouldn't work with any one else."

Jim Mady, submitted 7/23/19

"Gina was great. A pleasure to work with and always responsive to our needs."

Scott Moser, submitted 2/20/19

"Everything regarding Gina - from condo sale, to house hunting, to buying the new house, it was all first class service.

"This was my second time working with Gina and just like the first time, everything was first class service. She helped me sell the condo I purchased a few years ago and I didn't have to lift a finger. We had a full price offer on the first day of listing. Finding the dream home after was a little more difficult, but mostly because I was in an extremely competitive price point with stringent criteria. Gina was amazing during this process. We looked at over 15 homes and she offered great feedback based around my present and future needs. She also helped me identify neighborhoods that I would not of originally thought to look at. Long story short, I will be recommending Gina to all of my family and friends looking to purchase a home in Denver. You aren't just getting a real estate agent, but a friend who is there to help guide your towards your dream home. Thanks, Gina!"

Brent Weber, submitted 12/4/18


"My agent Gina Cornelison is great. She is kind and easy going. She never rushes through anything and if there is something she does not know she will find out for you. She has developed into a good friend of our family since we first met in 2013. My first choice will always be Gina!"

Rochelle Jay, submitted 10/31/18

"Gina's hands off guidance truly made us feel like we got the home that we had imagined. She was always very transparent with us and gave us truthful pros and cons to each possible home. She helped us to consider angles that we wouldn't have on our own including comps, layout, remodeling potential etc. We looked at four homes and purchased after the fourth showing. We truly couldn't have done it without access to the portal and Gina's dedicated advice, availability and reassurance. Since this was our first, Gina also helped a lot during the buying portion. Her truthfulness, attention to the market and even her eye for decorating made our experience easy and also fun. Her ability to lead while considering our personal needs allowed us to make the decision on our own without making a mistake. Thank you Gina for giving us a foundation for our next chapter!"

Chris Klein, submitted to Zillow 10/8/18

"This was our first home-buying experience and it was much easier than we expected! Gina took us to four homes and we purchased on the fourth experience. She was always very honest about each home and gave us transparency about pros and cons. Gina also helped us to consider angles that we hadn't thought of on our own, i.e. comps, neighborhood attributes and layout. She was always very available for showings as well. Gina's availability and communications style truly made our experience simple and worth it. We believe we found the perfect house for us! Gina also allowed us to make decisions on our own, while guiding us in the best direction. This hands off approach made us feel like we had chosen the home in which we began the search."

Chris Klein, submitted 10/7/18

"This was my second time working with Gina and I could not be more enthused with the process. Buying or selling a home (especially your first) is an extremely daunting task but she helps streamline the process, limit the jargon, and flat out help you find the best deal in the neighborhood you love. As much as I'd hate to move again, I cannot wait to work with Gina on another property!"

Brent Weber, submitted 8/13/18

"Gina was extremely organized and helpful with all aspects in the selling of my home, and also in locating a new home for me. She went out of her way to spend time with me throughout the entire process making sure I understood everything that was happening. There are so many small details involved with buying and selling and Gina was extremely knowledgeable and quick to react to changing situations. I would definitely recommend her!"

Craig Bissell, submitted 6/22/18

"Gina was amazing to work with! She was so attentive and prompt with answers, I could not ask for a better agent!! Gina’s ability to read our sellers and provide the best solution to any given situation is impeccable! She is friendly and direct, creating the best possible environment for a buyer. There is no one else I will use for my next purchase. Gina really is second to none!"

Kourtney Wasinger, submitted 11/15/17

"Gina is professional, communicate well, quite helpful."

AnnToan Nguyen, submitted 10/21/17

"Gina was timely, communicative and aggressive in getting the best value for my sale."

 Will Andrea, submitted 10/4/17


"Gina Cornelson is a great person to have in your corner when you are selling a property. She is very good at swimming with all of the sharks who want to force the seller to move more quickly than they should for their own good. Her guidance and advice made it possible for us to get our asking price for our home and held the buyer's feet to the fire to adhere to our selling conditions. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Fair warning: don't expect her to come sit and hold your hands just to make you feel comfortable...she is too busy working on your behalf for that sort of thing. That said, she is a warm and sincere person who works hard, stays current with trends, and will tell you the unvarnished truth that will help you to make decisions. A true professional and genuinely good human being...her ethics and morals are all in the right place....as a seller, you can trust her motives and judgement completely. This is vital in a volatile sellers market where the buyers are looking for any possible chink in the armor that can impact profit. We were honored to have worked with her."

Gerard Lemmons, submitted 7/29/17

"As a real estate agent, Gina truly takes the time to understand her clients' wishlists, requirements, price points re: properties and truly personalizes the searches to provide the best home buying experience. She is attentive and responsive to all of her clients' questions and works very hard for each. I highly recommend Gina!"

 Judy Beckenbach, submitted to Zillow 5/1/17

"Gina has handled the sale of two of my properties in Denver ($800K). She has been professional, prompt, and personable. She has an eye for detail, and has excellent ideas for listing, staging, and marketing properties. She has an excellent knowledge of the market, and we were so pleased with the  way she handled the sale of the first property, we went back when we sold the second one. We are extremely pleased with both experiences. I highly recommend Gina Cornelison."

Gregory Gonzales, submitted to Zillow 5/1/17

"Gina sold 2 of our houses and helped us find 2 house. She is a very efficient and very nice to work with. As far as we're concerned she is a rockstar realtor!"

David Willower, submitted to Zillow 5/1/17

"Ashley and I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your time in working with us.  When we first started, we were a young couple who was excited about buying our first house.  Thank you for being so patient with us as we tried to find our perfect home, and thank you for being adaptive throughout the process in helping us focus in on the style and location we were searching for.  It only took about 5 houses and some brief conversations with us in order for you to understand just what we were looking for, which is something previous realtors could not provide us. Your ability to understand our wants and needs allowed us to find a home we completely fell in love with.


"After falling in love with our very first home, we never would have thought that we would then be selling that home in just 3 short years, and you were there to help us go through the steps of selling our home.  The process of buying and then later selling a home could be a lot for those who have never done it before, and even more so for those who do both in such a short period of time.  Your market knowledge and ability to teach us about the realty business allowed us to purchase our house at an advantage and sell our house with ease. 


"We could not imagine dealing with another realtor during that time period of our lives, and if it wasn't for us moving out of the beautiful state of Colorado, we would have no need to find another realtor.  Any subsequent realtor we decide to use will have an extremely high bar to surpass in order to get to the level of knowledge and comfort we had with you. 


"I know it has been stated multiple times, but we truly appreciate all the time and effort you have put in to helping us move in and move out of our very first home.  If we ever move back to Colorado, your number is the first we would call to help us find a new home.  I doubt you do because your work seems to speak for itself, but if you need Ashley or myself as a reference for recommendations, you have our email and phone number and we would happily tell them how great it was working with you."

Rich & Ashley DeMonte, submitted 7/5/16


"Gina helped my buy my first house in Denver and then sell that same house. She successfully helped me beat out multiple offers when I bought it.  During the sale she had to deal with lots of challenges and was a tireless agent, going above and beyond to negotiate a successful sale and closing."

David Wortman, submitted 6/23/16

“There are two things that impress me most about Gina Cornelison - her integrity and her caring nature. Gina always does right by her clients and her friends.  Gina cares enough for her buying clients to scour every inch of metro Denver to find them the perfect home within their budget.  For her seller clients, Gina looks after every detail - from staging and photography to accurate pricing - insuring that they complete their sale without any last minute surprises. Gina is a professional Realtor with a heart, and all her former clients will tell you the exact same thing.”

Jon Larrance, submitted 5/17/16


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  • Buyer's Agent
  • Child/Schools Specialist
  • First-time Homebuyer Specialist
  • Gen X Specialist (ages 40-52)
  • Gen Y Specialist (ages 23-40)
  • Ninja Selling® Trained
  • REALTOR® Association Excellence Award
  • Realtor®
  • Relocation Specialist
  • Seller's Agent
  • Seniors Specialist (SERS)
  • Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR)