Eleni Cummings

10 Testimonials

"Eleni is so completely amazing! We have over $5,000,000 in offers out, three brand new listings. Several sets of incredibly demanding clients. Eleni has been rolling with me, never complaining, making it happen. We couldn’t love her more."

Kristi Lucas, submitted 4/3/19

“I’m so happy that we work together. You are amazing at your job. You help keep my deals going and are always one step ahead of me. I love our morning chats!”

Beth Larrance, submitted 3/7/18

“I can truthfully say (after being in this business over 40 years) that you are the best I have every worked with. Thank you for your patience, your positive attitude, your incredible confidence and your friendship. We all love you!”

Sandy Colling, submitted 3/7/18

“We wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for everything you do for us. We appreciate your support so much. You have the best attitude and there’s not much you can’t do! We truly appreciate you!”

Nicole Ridley, submitted 3/7/18

“Just wanted to thank you for all you do! You never complain about our endless requests and your attitude is always uplifting! I couldn’t do my job without you – you Rock!”

Claire Averill, submitted 3/7/18

“Thank you so much for all you have done to make my transition so smooth! Your smile and happy personality is so wonderful to be around every time I go in the office!”

Heather Ingram, submitted 3/7/18

“I’m so grateful for you! You are always willing to go the extra mile. Any time I need you to help you seem to put your work aside and help! You are always cheerful and brighten up the day!”

Vivian DePaola, submitted 3/7/18


“I want you to know I’m thankful for you every day. You are a tremendous help to me and to all of us. Your smile, your constant encouragement, organization and efficiency are amazing. You are a blessing to me and I appreciate you!”

Cindy Webb, submitted 3/7/18

“Honestly, I often wonder how our Landmark/DTC office Realtors excelled before we hired Eleni as our Transaction Manager there. Eleni has really brought the level of professionalism and service to our Realtors and clients to new heights.  In fact, we receive positive reviews on her attitude and attention to detail daily. To say that our Realtors have grown to rely on her in ways they never before thought imaginable would be an understatement.  By doing so they have been able to spend more time with their clients getting positive outcomes all the way around.  To a person, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to have Eleni join Perry & Co.!”

Jon Larrance, submitted 3/24/17


"I just want to give a HUGE shout out to Eleni. I am putting her through the ringer. We’ve put 5 properties U/C in the last couple of days. She has a great attitude and is extremely competent and efficient. Also, I was at a closing on Monday where the title company closer pulled me aside to tell me how great Eleni is." - lucas_56/" target="_self">Kristi Lucas, submitted 3/3/16


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