Christine Trigg

Hi! I’m Christine, and I’ve been in love with Denver since I moved here in 1965. Many people will hire a real estate agent because they worry about buying too high, selling too low, or misunderstanding a contract. As a Perry & Co. Realtor® with an advanced license, I have an expertise in all these areas, but where I really take pride in my work is my relationships with my clients.


You’re two days away from your closing when the buyer’s financing falls apart and they can’t purchase. What are your recourses? Can the deal be salvaged? What does the contract say? What if you’re the buyer, and it’s your financing that just fell apart? Can you call me at five in the morning? Absolutely.  Although I may answer from the treadmill. Or the tennis court. Or a fundraiser for Littleton High School.


In real estate, the best results come from a combination of expertise in the process, mastery of the local market and an understanding of the dynamics between all the different forces involved in the transaction. To get the best deal, you’ve got to make friends. I love to make friends. My background in residential development and international sales and marketing allows me to uniquely meet my clients’ needs. Whether it’s finding a cool downtown loft for an up-and-coming attorney, working with a couple moving from the family home to take up residence in a “right size” home, managing the sale of one-of-a-kind fishing and equestrian properties, discovering the first home for the cute newlyweds or locating the luxury home of a lifetime for the most discriminating of buyers, I’ve got you covered with experience in each one of these areas.


So please give me a call, whether you’re trying to buy, trying to sell, or just have a question or two about real estate or the real estate market in Denver! I’d be happy to help and I love talking to people.


¡Dígame cómo puedo ayudarle! Las transacciones de bienes raíces pueden ser intimidantes. Tengo muchos años de experiencia en negociaciones bilingües y te puedo aconsejar en cada paso del camino.


11 Testimonials

"Christine really knew Denver and acknowledged my specific asks for my home. She always made me feel welcome and like I was her only priority. She also provided really helpful and personalized booklets highlighting details of each property we viewed in a concise and clear manner. Would absolutely recommend her!"

Kelly Cawley, submitted 7/9/19

"Christine is AMAZING! She was so great to work with and very knowledgeable about different neighborhoods that we were interested in.We moved from out of state so it took us some time to decide what we liked and where exactly we wanted to be. Christine was very understandable and not pushy. She was able to answer all of our questions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home."

Jackie Dlugolecki, submitted 11/9/18

"Cindy and Christine are a wonderfully match pair, working in tandem, and individually, to help us sell our not so 'run of the mill' home and horse property; then being spot on, finding the perfect new home for us to purchase. Timing was very important, between the two transactions, and everything worked out very well!  Thank you Christine and Cindy and Perry & Co.!"

Susan Mueller, submitted 5/25/17

“It’s clear from reading Christine Trigg’s other testimonials that Christine is adored by her clients, It is also clear that Christine is one smart cookie too.  Above all, she knows how to set and manage expectations while being responsive to her client’s needs.  Christine treats all parties with respect and all situations with diligence. With Christine working on your side you can expect that if anything goes less than smoothly in your transaction that Christine will handle it with great skill, composure and resolve.  Perry & Co. prides itself on having the best real estate professionals in the business and we are proud to have Christine Trigg representing our brand in the community.”

Jon Larrance, submitted 3/29/17


“We met Ms. Christine Trigg at the open house of a home we ended up buying.   We were fortunate to make our home purchase through her.  Not only did she meet our expectations; she went much, much beyond what other realtors may do in similar circumstances.  We have been impressed by her professional skills, ethical values, and unwavering commitment to service excellence.  You will definitely find her one of the best in the trade.    

“Thanks to her skillful negotiations, we bought the house at a reasonable price.  She was superb at listening to our concerns.  She was also good in sharing with us the concerns and interests of the seller(s) so that we also take into account as many of the factors as possible.  We were never under pressure to make an offer.  When we did make an offer, it was based on valuable info she brought to the table and shared with us.  Also critical in the evaluation process was her knowledge of the market, the neighborhood, and the contacts she had access to. 

“To be sure, we too brought our own set of info to the table; but we found out (on several occasions) that she had just about the same information and more.  That was true with home prices, bank interest rates, even refrigerator prices (of late).  We found her insight valuable; we have turned to her for advice on problems which were not resolved by the closing.   The latest had to do with a refrigerator that was supposedly fixed, but ended up leaking and spoiling all the food in it.  We were told by the manufacturer’s rep that the extended service warranty was of no value.  But thanks to her timely intervention, we were visited by a technician who declared the appliance dead.   Christine helped us find a replacement for it.  How many realtors are likely to help you resolve a problem a month or so after the closing was done?  We say not too many! 

“In our eyes, negotiating or even showing the willingness to negotiate on behalf of customers long after the deal was done requires unwavering commitment to excellence in service, high ethical standards, and admirable understanding about the need for follow-up with customers.   We could not thank her enough for her superb service as a realtor.   We are confident that she will do the same for all her clients.  We strongly recommend Ms. Christine Trigg’s services in both buying and selling real estate.”

Wossen Kassaye, submitted 1/27/16   


"Christine is patient, organized and thorough.  She helped us purchase a home here in Centennial while we were living out of state and did an excellent job.  She made herself available to us whenever we needed her.  She communicated very clearly and effectively with us and on our behalf.  We would absolutely work with her again."

Rebecca Feldman, submitted 1/15/15

"My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Christine Trigg during our relocation process from the East Coast to Denver, CO.

"From start to finish Christine showed enduring enthusiasm and gusto while we searched for our new home. The only catch, we had roughly 48 hours to do so and over a holiday weekend!

"Christine met all of our expectations and lined up a vast array of homes for us to view within such a short time frame. Just when we thought we were out of luck, we came across one last listing early in the evening and knew it was the one.

"We truly appreciated Christine's thorough and on the mark work ethic. We were literally under contract with our new house by the time we got home from the airport back east.

"Christine made the whole process effortless as she dealt with our rather difficult mortgage company back home. All in all, we were able to close and be in our new home in what seemed like a blink of an eye. And the best part... it was all electronic!

"Christine had taken care to recommend house inspections and was able to meet with them as we were unavailable to do so. 

"I would whole heartedly recommend Christine from Perry & Co to anyone who is looking to purchase a home. I only wish that this boutique firm was also back home to make house buying so much easier for others!

"Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!!"

Amelia Cramsie, submitted 11/20/15


"Working with Christine Trigg was the best experience looking for a new home that I have ever had.  In this market of limited available properties, she was always there for me with new strategies to get me exactly what I needed. Her flexibility, caring personality and professional knowledge made me feel secure that she had my best interest in mind and took the worry out of the whole home shopping experience for me. I know that I have a new friend in Christine and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home and would definitely use her services again. Thank you Christine!"

Linda Kirsch, submitted 11/7/15

"Christine did a great job and was very responsive and professional thru what became quite an unusual set of circumstances with this purchase.  She did a lot of extra work to get this deal done, and in the end, the seller wanted to hire her to represent him since he was so frustrated with his agent.  I'd give her my highest recommendation."

Chuck Masur, submitted 11/4/15


"My wife, 2 cats, and I are finally settled in our new home in Centennial, CO. If it wasn't for Christine Trigg, I don't know what we would have done, or where we would have settled. She is just an amazing, energetic, and knowledgeable person, as well as a true real estate professional. She has spent countless hours searching for and visiting houses on our behalf to find the "right one" for us. At the "drop of a hat", she would schedule a visit to a home and give us a "FaceTime tour" (we lived in Los Angeles). Christine understood our wants and needs, and didn't waste our time on unnecessary visits. She is a credit to your organization, and we would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in this area. We greatly appreciate all her hard work, and are proud to call her our friend."

Lew & Harole Feldman, submitted 8/11/15

"We hired Christine Trigg to be our agent on the sale of our mountain fishing retreat.  The adjoining parcel was for sale by a separate owner, who hired Christine also as seller’s agent.  A buyer found us and wanted both properties, a cash deal of over $1 million.  Sale of ours was contingent on closing on the other parcel.  Unfortunately, the home on the other property was in terrible condition and the inspection revealed more problems, and even more unfortunately, that seller refused to renegotiate the price, which put our deal in jeopardy.  Christine worked very, very hard to reconcile the interests of her seller with those of the buyer and came up with some creative solutions which that seller rejected.  Christine persevered and a deal was made so our transaction could also close.

"We expect good service, good and timely communication, and a commitment to advancing our interests.  We liked Christine so well that we hired her to find us our new home. The three transactions required a huge amount of Christine’s time and patience, as well as great diplomacy. We are completely satisfied and happy clients."

Jim & Toni Wichester, submitted 7/15/15


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