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If you are an experienced buyer or seller of real estate,  you must have come to the realization that the greatest asset your real estate broker can provide you with is personalized service. If you are a first time buyer or seller of real estate nothing is different, personalized service is the bottom line. Obviously factors that are important are experience, longevity in the business, knowledge of the market place and market trends, contract and negotiation skills, ect. However, when it’s all said and done, it comes down to personalized service.


Sellers, lets face it, it costs money to hire a real estate broker. You are entitled to get your money’s worth. I don’t just place my listings in the MLS and pray someone sells it. I service and work my listings and have been doing so for over 30 years. (I think that’s why I’ve lasted so long.)


Call me and I’ll tell you exactly what you receive when you hire me. I design and customize a marketing plan for each different client.


If you are buying a home for the first time or the tenth time, personalized service is still the primary focus. Buying a home should be fun and your broker should be able to instill that enthusiasm. When the time comes to write a contract on a property, if I have done my job correctly, my buyers know everything they need in order to make a sound decision. I don’t really sell houses, they tend to sell themselves. I do educate my buyers so they can make intelligent decisions. I am good at this and have been for over 30 years. My reputation in the business is beyond reproach. If you are looking for a good broker and feel you deserve exceptional personalized service, please call me.

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Client testimonial for Boe Sullivan

“In my opinion, Boe Sullivan is the salt of the earth.  There is no pretense with Boe, he is forthright and on the level in everything he does.  He knows the Denver real estate market and he treats all buyers and sellers alike.  He treats them just like he does a member of his own family by working hard to get their specific real estate needs met.  But don’t be mistaken by his direct approach, you will also have a good time working with Boe because he never takes himself too seriously.”Jon Larrance, submitted 5/18/16